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I run a lot of websites about books.

I accept books for review for each of these sites.

Some of the sites I run about books aren’t exclusively about books. For instance, is a general science fiction and fantasy website that promotes science fiction and fantasy novels in addition to science fiction and fantasy television.

Author Information

I do almost 100% of my own reading and reviewing for each website, and I decide which books I add to each site. Because of time constraints, I can’t accept every book that an author wants to send to me. It’s best if you ask your publisher if they already have me on their list for ARCs or promo copies, and if they don’t, suggest that they add me. That way, you can save the cost of shipping by having your publisher send books directly to me.

Please email me prior to sending any packages.

Publisher Information

I run multiple book websites. I consider every website when I receive a book and choose the site(s) most fitting for the genre of the book. I prefer to receive books from major print publishers, although established small presses are welcome to add me to their lists.

I don’t guarantee reviews, but I make every effort to promote the books I receive and post reviews for those that I read on at least one website, often two or more, depending on how well the fit is for the book across genres.

Please send packages to:

PO Box 41
Dunlap, Tennessee  37327

Email me for a physical address if you prefer to send packages by UPS or FedEx.

General Information

Please don’t email me with digital ARCs unless I have asked for them. I prefer print books for a variety of reasons, including how easy leafing through the pages makes it for me to remember things I want to add to my commentary or book review.

I understand it can be expensive to mail books to reviewers. I am not saying I don’t accept digital ARCs, only that I prefer print. I do occasionally request books from NetGalley but  I often forget to log back in and post the link to the review.

If you have questions, feel free to email me.

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